We had a wonderful morning with Julie Stewart talking about the marvelous efforts the Warringah Women’s Resource Centre provides to Domestic Violence victims. Julie talked about the changes the centre had to comply with to stay open. We donated $160 to Julie on the day.

Glyn Conlon from Keystone Interaction Skills gave an excellent overview of how we should be communicating.

You may download information on Glyn’s presentation “Communication that doesn’t work“.
Further contact information:

Karen Chaston from BraveHeart Women presented The Female Success Model.
Learn how Your mind is getting in Your way; stopping You from achieving all the Success & Fulfillment You desire.
Learn how following a male business model does not work in a woman’s body.

Karen Chaston is a Resonator with BraveHeart Women Global community. Karen is a wife, mother and former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a publicly listed company, who knows first- hand what adrenalin (or specifically stress) does to a woman’s body.

The BraveHeart Women programs are geared around assisting women to be more inspired, passionate and collaborative which leads to more profitable, successful and balanced people & organisations.
Karen’s vision is to help women in a corporate, business and professional background to rediscover their natural intuitive abilities and to realise how powerful and fulfilling living this way can be.
Karen’s passion is to collaborate in creating a new world for generations to come; one with more “conscious entrepreneurs” – letting your heart and soul guide your business along with your knowledge and expertise.
Further contact information:
www.karenchaston.com.au and www.braveheartwomenresonate.com

Receipt from Warringah Women's Resource Centre

Receipt from Warringah Women’s Resource Centre


Photography was kindly donated by Karen Newall of Karen Newall Photography. Thank you Karen