Cindy Lee - Musician

Cindy-Lee is a singer/guitarist and will bless us with a few songs. Cindy-Lee has been singing for the past 25 years and playing guitar on and off for 5 years. Recently she took the plunge to become a full-time musician. Gigging 1-2 times a week, co – writing and recording and running her own teaching business. Cindy-Lee is following her heart doing what she loves.

Kathy Wong - Moeloco

Kathy Wong of Moeloco will talk about Social Enterprise. What is this and why are these businesses seriously disrupting the traditional business models. Kathy shares her own personal story of how she established her own social enterprise, Moeloco. 

Jane Sidd - My Nutritionist

Jane Sidd from My Nutritionist is a qualified nutritionist who is passionate about helping others regain control of their health by promoting a diet rich in whole foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, grass-fed meats, fish and poultry, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. Jane will be stressing the importance of the best food and water for your body to achieve vibrant health.

Rowena Kempton - Wellness Tsunami

Rowena Kempton from Wellness Tsunami will speak about Ionised micro clustered anti oxident water and how important it is as a part of your longterm wellness strategy. She will also be discussing why she is so passionate about preventive health and how this water system can play its part.
Rowena will be offering a free trial of the water system for one lucky person.

$10 DONATION AT THE DOOR for the Warringah Women’s Resource Centre. Should you wish to receive a receipt from the centre, please leave your email address next to the box.

BRING ALONG A FRIEND. Spread the word as loud as you can and when using social media, please use the hashtag #TNBN.

The wonderful Karen Newall from Karen Newall Photography will be taking photos of the event. Thank you Karen for donating your time and camera again this month.

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