The power of effective communication

Are you afraid of conflict?
Do you ever feel powerless in front of people?
Do you ever feel victimised by other people in your life?
Are you tired of being one of the nice dead people in the world?
Is it hard to know what you want, let alone ask someone else to help?

Release the wild dogs! is a 1/2 day face to face introduction program offered to corporations, organisations and community/parent groups.
Break away from the pack is an on line coaching package designed for individuals.

Both programs get you to be real with people to live a full life, using a simple process and your own integrity you will create trust and encourage others to be open and cooperative within a framework of self-responsible, non-judgmental clear honesty.

I use these powerful techniques with executives, managers, divorced couples who continue to raise their children together whilst being apart, teenagers, couples and parents.
Best of all they can make a huge change in your life the first day you apply them!

The secrets to radical shifts and harmony in relationships is in Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication-A language of life which all my trainings are based upon.
Special book offer to Northern Beaches Network Members, please contact me

I am an Internationally Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication Workplace and Assessment Trainer, Lifeline Trained.