James Barwood – JDL Strategies is in the hot seat for May.

Raise your financial intelligence – Integrate debt reduction, legal tax minimisation and asset accumulation together.

  • Do you know how much you need to be able to retire?
  • Do you have certainty in your current financial plan?
  • Do you even have a financial plan?

JDL uses a unique approach to creating financial freedom and a pathway to retirement planning through financial education and implementation. We’ve helped hundreds of Australians become millionaires or even multi millionaires. That’s because we have shown them that the key to building and managing personal wealth is not working hard for money, rather it’s making money work for you. And the key to building personal wealth even faster is making that money work even harder. At JDL strategies, we’re a specialised team of financial advisors who work hard to help everyday (and not so everyday) investors make this happen.

Your Wealth Management Strategy – The Engine To Fuel Your Wealth

When building personal wealth quickly, you need a powerful engine driving your investment strategy forward – an engine built from three core components:

  • Aggressive debt minimisation
  • Pro active tax deduction and planning
  • Intelligent investment management strategy

Properly configured, these three components will work together to give your personal wealth strategy extra momentum. Finely tuned, this can set up what we call a ‘chain reaction’. To achieve this, we have assembled an integrated network of specialist providers in financial planning, finance, accounting and property management, each with deep expertise in their field.

And we bring them together to focus on just one thing: creating a wealth creation blueprint and investment

Taking you from this:


To potentially this:


If you would like to learn 200 hours of financial education in 2 hrs: click here

Being part of the Northern Beaches Network, I would like to offer you a complimentary 2hr meeting (valued at $220) to review your current strategy and look at your own personal Chain Reaction. If you are interested please contact me at: james.barwood@jdlstrategies.com.au